A Japanese car representing Toyota, the name of the Hiace

Hiace come from the name "Toyo ace" of the truck which continues being loved from the times of the Showa to represent Toyota.
It was located in the high rank (High) more than Toyo ace, and was crowded, and such thought that was existence of ace (Ace) of Toyota was named.
There is the "infant bus" type which an "insulated truck" type, the electric lift which the refrigerator with the cold insulation function was put on are put on as for the special equipment car type, and plays an active part in the heavy baggage in "the lift van" which it can be equipped with easily and a kindergarten or a nursery school.
A seat layout of the infant bus type is a layout with a space corresponding to the speed of the infant growth, and the equipment in consideration for security is put.
In addition, a seat has the illustration of the cute animal and is sure to get that the small child is used to a smile with a smile.
There is the model that up to 18 infants can board.
A wheelchair is electrically operated, and there are vehicles with a lift which lift it, and are uploaded.
In addition, there is not only the wheelchair but also the model who can just get in and out of a stretcher in an electric lift, and a car can get on and off it without putting a burden on a body when bedridden moves.
Furthermore, when the people who worry about legs though I do not use it get on, the wheelchair has a handrail, and getting on and off is full of invention not to burden you when a second seat turns.
It is the one without the difference between being useful for pickup use of the daycare.

About the Japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.